CfE Maths - CfE Maths Third Level Pupil Book

Author: Leckie and Leckie
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 02-02-2016
ISBN: 978-0-00-817958-8

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A fully digital version of the Leckie & Leckie Pupil Book:

• Easy to navigate• Students are issued with their own access to the content• Full-screen option for IWB display• All images are zoomable• Homework reading / exercises can be set and emailed out• Offers unlimited user access – home and school access for teachers and pupils

• Digital version of Leckie & Leckie’s CfE Third Level Pupil Book• Quick and easy navigation of the Pupil Book’s content• Full-screen view for IWB use• Homework from the content of the book can be set and emailed out to students• Plenty of carefully graded questions showing progression between the levels• All the Outcomes and Experiences covered, clearly flagged for reference and underpinned by the CfE principles• A single Pupil Book per level, providing a simple solution for mixed ability classrooms• Differentiated questions and extension work means pupils can progress between levels and track their own development• Built-in flexibility: each book can be easily integrated into your schemes of work without the need for further bridging materials• Problem-solving spreads at the end of each unit help students apply maths to their everyday lives