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Snap Science

Author: Bryony Turford, Series edited by Jane Turner
Format: Spiral Bound
Publication Date: 20-04-2015
ISBN: 978-0-00-812474-8
Pages: 120

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Snap Science provides a solid grounding into the introductory principles of science, covering the statutory requirements of the 2014 EYFS, and preparing children for the National Curriculum. Through flexible and inventive activities, Snap Science promotes best practice in science teaching and assessment whilst supporting teacher autonomy.

This Teaching Framework should be used alongside the Snap Science toolkit on Collins Connect, which offers engaging digital resources to complement every Activity plan, including:
• a Story slideshow based on meaningful science, leading to a question that forms the basis of the activity
• a stunning set of Science Photos, to support teaching with quality visual materials
• a downloadable Resource sheet, to supplement learning.