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Collins Big Cat Sets - Collins Big Cat Yellow Starter Set: Band 03/Yellow (Collins Big Cat Sets)

Author: Prepared for publication by Collins Big Cat
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 16-01-2014
ISBN: 978-0-00-793809-4

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The ideal way to try Collins Big Cat, to plug gaps and to refresh your reading resources at unbeatable prices. Starter sets contain a complete list of titles from each band with a 20% discount on the normal price.

Yellow 2011 Starter Set contains the following titles:

The Dancing Dog
Milo's Moustache
Baby Dragon and the Animal Olympics
The Elephant's Ears
Bob's Secret Hideaway
It Was a Cold Dark Night
Water Bears
The New Kite
Sam the Big, Bad Cat
Percy and the Rabbit
Rebecca and the Funfair
The Wind
Where Is My School?
Dance to the Beat
How to Have a Party
The Little Egg
Around the World
The Baby Turtle
Doing Nothing
Helper Bird
Night Animals
Time for School
The Hare and the Tortoise
Discover Mars
My Pet Worm