Collins Cambridge IGCSE - Cambridge IGCSE Geography Teacher Guide:Second edition

Author: John Belfield, Alan Parkinson, Alison Rae and John Rutter
Format: Other Format
Publication Date: 11-09-2014
ISBN: 978-0-00-758907-4
Pages: 256

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Full teacher support to accompany the Collins Cambridge IGCSE Geography Student Book – the Teacher Guide content is matched lesson-by-lesson to the Student Book.

Teacher Guide contents:Introduction – how the Student Book and Teacher Guide match the 0460 syllabus and Papers 1-4

An overview of enquiry learning and ideas for the teacher to think about

A two-year scheme of work

Lesson plans – one for every spread in the core topic chapters of the Student Book. Structure:• Cross-references to relevant student book pages + syllabus sections• Differentiated learning outcomes• Resources – accompanying worksheets, as well as further reading/weblinks• Ideas for teaching difficult concepts• Starter ideas• Main activities, including differentiated activities• Assessment opportunities• Plenary suggestions

Worksheets – one or two worksheets per core topic chapter

Exam practice – more past papers, student answers and comments + discussion of the mark scheme

Answers to questions in the Geographical Skills and Fieldwork section of the Student Book

Downloadable resources contents:All lesson plans and worksheets, as well as the scheme of work, in Word format for adapting

Selected artwork, maps and photos from the Student Book for classroom/whiteboard display