Collins Academic Skills - Numbers

Author: Louis Rogers and Dawn Willoughby
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 12-09-2013
ISBN: 978-0-00-750715-3
Pages: 192

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Statistics and data for the non-specialist

*The Collins Academic Skills Series - winner of the ELTon 2014 Innovation in Learner Resources Award.*

At university you may be expected to analyse complex data and present your findings, whatever your area of study. Collins Academic Skills Series: Numbers gives you the skills you need to make sense of data and numbers and the confidence to use them effectively in your work.

Learn how to• interpret statistics and data• conduct surveys• evaluate and question results• present numerical information clearly

Collins Academic Skills Series: Numbers will help you to make the most of your time at university.

• Clear information and practical exercises• Information on academic expectations – understand the requirements of studying at university• Helpful tips and summaries• Answer key and glossary

Numbers is part of a new six-book series to help international students achieve academic success at college or university. It is designed to support students who are studying, or preparing to study, at an English-speaking institution.

Suitable for students whose level of English is Upper Intermediate / CEF level B2 / IELTS 5.5 and higher.

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  • 'I find that book fascinating. It is very well laid out, examples clear and concise and sequencing user friendly.' Shirley Garner, UK
  • ”Numbers attempts, very successfully, to deal with the tricky area of numeracy from a more in-depth perspective. Typically, EAP texts focus on the area of describing graphs without necessarily addressing the broader areas of research methodology and interpretation of data. (…) This title is essential for Foundation courses but would also be useful for students aiming for an IELTS of 7.0 or above in the graph section of the writing paper. It offers extended insights on the description and analysis of data.”Sharon Chalmers, Director of Studies, Live Language, Glasgow (full review published by BEBC Review Panel