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Media Studies for GCSE - Media Studies for GCSE – AQA MEDIA STUDIES UNIT 1 EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT TOPIC: TV Crime Drama: Paid for download edition

Author: Peter Wall
Format: Digital-Download
Publication Date: 03-02-2012
ISBN: 978-0-00-748292-4

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A comprehensive set of worksheets, teacher notes and podcasts to support teaching of the AQA Unit 1 External Assessment Topic for 2012, TV Crime Drama.

Take the stress out of your preparation with expert support from Pete Wall.
• This set of 26 worksheets and teacher notes provides a full scheme of work for teaching this year’s AQA Unit 1 topic, TV Crime Drama.
• Refresh your students’ knowledge of the key concepts with revision resources.
• Engage their interest and get them thinking with stimulating links to examples of the genre from the 1970s onwards.
• Be guided through the process of preparing students for the exam, with the 4 podcasts.
• Make the scheme of work your own with the editable Word file versions of all the resources.