Collins Advanced Maths Topics - Statistics: Probability:Paid for download edition

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Publication Date: 15-04-2011
ISBN: 978-0-00-744403-8

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Familiarise students with the probability required in Statistics A Level in this unit. The chapters cover: probability, expectation, probability distribution and an appendix.

Detailed contents:

4 PROBABILITYThe language of chance; The probability scaleProbable results; Events and likelihoodsSymmetry and equal likelihoodRelative frequency and empirical probabilitySome classical results; Complementary eventsThe multiplication law; Inclusive eventsThe addition law; Some ways of counting elements in a sample spaceFactorial notation; Evaluating factorialsDistinct sequences; Application of arrangementsPermutations and combinations

5 EXPECTATIONFair games; SimulationExpected gain; Mean and varianceMean; Variance; Calculating variance: the general case

6 PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONMost likely event – mode; Probability distributionGeometric distribution; MeanVariance; Modelling the occurrence of a random variableApplying the geometric distribution

Appendix I Geometric distribution

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