Collins Advanced Maths Topics - Statistics: Analysing data:Paid for download edition

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Publication Date: 15-04-2011
ISBN: 978-0-00-744402-1

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Familiarise students with analysing data required in Statistics A Level in this unit. The chapters cover: data, summary statistics 1 and 2, and coursework in statistics.

Detailed contents:

1 DATAInformation and data; Qualitative data; Quantitative data; LimitsFrequency; Presentation of data; Stem-and-Ieaf displays; Grouped frequency tablesDeveloping the stem-and-leaf display; Two-part and five-part stemsHistograms; Frequency density polygons and curvesPolygons; Curves; Relative frequency density

2 SUMMARY STATISTICS 1What we need to know; Location (average) and dispersion (spread)Measures of location; Mode; Discrete data; MedianStep-by step; Even total; Stem-and-leaf; Grouped frequency tableHistogram; Linear interpolation; Discrete data; Mean; Grouped frequency; Symmetry in dataWeighted means and index numbers; Weighted meansIndex numbers; Mean of combined groups of data; Geometric mean

3 SUMMARY STATISTICS 2Measures of dispersion; Range; Quartile spread; Stem-and-leafGrouped frequency table; Graphical approach; Linear interpolation; Discrete dataComparing distributions; Box-plots and outliers; Standard deviation; Deviation from the mean; Magnitude of deviation from the mean; Squared deviation from the meanFrequency distribution; Combining collections of dataOutliers and standard deviation; Standardised values

18 COURSEWORK IN STATISTICSBefore you start; The purpose of coursework; Choosing your project; Learning support; The report: presenting your coursework; Questionnaires and surveys; Assessment

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