Collins A Level Maths - Bridging GCSE and A Level Maths Teacher’s Pack:Paid for download edition

Author: John Berry and Sue Langham
Format: Digital download
Publication Date: 20-05-2011
ISBN: 978-0-00-743171-7

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In this download you will find:• Structured lesson plans to match each topic in the student book and accompanying activity sheets.• A brand new section for students that fully covers Integration.• Answers from the Practice section of the student book.• Mark scheme for the tear-out practice exam paper at the back of the student book.

Collins Bridging GCSE and A Level Maths Teacher’s Pack is a paid-for-download available on the Collins website. It provides you with the support you need to help students to bridge the transition from GCSE Mathematics to A Level.• Reinforce your students’ understanding of the difference between GCSE and AS Level with ‘What you should already know’ and ‘What you will learn’ objectives• Show your students how the maths they are learning links to real life• Get the whole class involved and motivated right from the beginning of the Maths lesson with interesting starters• Tackle misconceptions and common errors head-on with clear explanations• Provide extra support to Grade B students with suggestions on how to access the questions• Stretch and challenge high-fliers with extension material