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Collins Big Cat Sets - Key Stage 2 January 2017 New Titles Set

Box Set
Prepared for publication by Collins Big Cat
Key Stage 2/Ages 7-11
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This set contains 28 brand new Collins Big Cat fiction titles for Key Stage 2 readers, publishing January 2017. Containing a range of stunning traditional tales and beautiful retellings of Shakespeare stories, the Set includes 4 Copper, 4 Topaz, 4 Ruby, 4 Emerald, 4 Sapphire, 4 Diamond and 4 Pearl books.
The Collins Big Cat titles included in the Set are:

Snow White and Rose Red Band 12/Copper
The Emperor’s New Clothes Band 12/Copper
The Fisherman and His Wife Band 12/Copper
Dick Whittington Band 12/Copper Band 13/Topaz
Beauty and the Beast Band 13/Topaz
How the Birds Got their Colours: Tales from the Australian Dreamtime Band 13/Topaz
The Twelve Dancing Princesses Band 13/Topaz
The Ogre Band 13/Topaz
The Talking Bird Band 14/Ruby
The Dragon’s Bride and other Dragon Stories Band 14/Ruby
The King Who Thought he was clever: A Folk Tale from Russia Band 14/Ruby
The Rat- Catcher of Hamelin Band 14/Ruby
The Journey of Odysseus Band 15/Emerald
Two Animal Tales from Africa Band 15/Emerald
The Stubborn Prince Band 15/Emerald
Pandora’s Box Band 15/Emerald
The Comedy of Errors Band 16/Sapphire
As You Like It Band 16/Sapphire
The Merchant of Venice Band 16/Sapphire
Henry V Band 16/Sapphire
Much Ado About Nothing Band 17/Diamond
The Winter’s Tale Band 17/Diamond
Anthony and Cleopatra Band 17/Diamond
The Fall of Julius Caesar Band 17/Diamond
Hamlet Band 18/Pearl
King Lear Band 18/Pearl
Othello Band 18/Pearl
Richard III Band 18/Pearl
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