• Sociology in Pictures - Research Methods 2nd Edition [Second edition] - 9780008196691
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Sociology in Pictures - Research Methods 2nd Edition [Second edition]

Michael Haralambos, Illustrated by Matt Timson
sociology; observations; questionnaires; A-level; graphic novel; research methods; sampling methods; case studies; health; policy; A level; interviews; research ethics; data; comic book
A Level/Ages 16 and above
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Sociology in Pictures: Research Methods is a fresh and exciting publication based on styles from graphic novels and comics. It introduces research methods using entertaining and informative pictures drawn by a leading comic illustrator.

This second edition of Sociology in Pictures: Research Methods offers an effective and novel learning experience.

Much of the material is taken from actual research - classics like William F Whyte’s Street Corner Society and more recent studies including Sudhir Venkatesh’s Gang Leader for a Day. It covers research methods for Sociology at AS/A level and introductory courses at university.

New topics in the second edition include:
• Reflexivity, objectivity, values and research, standpoint theory, assessing validity, constructing data
• Online research - participating online, online interviews, virtual world interviews, online surveys
• Further methods - non-participant observation, focus groups, operationalisation, visual methodologies.

Also available is Sociology in Pictures: Research Methods Teacher’s Guide (Second Edition).
“Bringing Sociology to life is essential, especially as it is a discipline that is so concept laden, with many of these new ideas being pretty abstract and difficult to get a handle on. Research methods, unlike topics with clear issues and debates, like education and crime, is one area that we need to find a way to make it accessible and engaging. This brilliant book does just that.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, and that’s what you get page after page here. Sociology in pictures illustrates key concepts and issues in a way that gets to the core of ideas in a simplistic, yet sophisticated manner. By using eye-catching, dynamic and humorous images, along with a text that is focused and easy to follow, students are able to ‘get it!’ straight away.
Whilst this book is a great benefit to ‘old hands’ like me, I believe that it is a wonderful tool for many new-comers and non-specialists in the subject. Too often, I have spent what seems like an eternity trying to explain a concept and agenda to a colleague who is unfamiliar with sociology. With this book, I find it does so much of this for me. They can’t put it down and have a much greater appreciation of the complexities of research methods as a result. This should be a compulsory read for all new sociology teachers in my opinion.
Overall, this is a great resource and invaluable on many levels. Written by an author who has always appreciated the needs of learners in the sociology classroom, and one who combines clarity and humour so well. If you want to bring sociology to life in your lessons – get this book!”

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