• A Level Skills - A Level Geography Fieldwork & Skills [Third edition] - 9780007592821
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A Level Skills - A Level Geography Fieldwork & Skills [Third edition]

Barnaby Lenon and Paul Cleves
fieldwork; projects; data sources; statistics; spatial analysis; cartography; statistical methods; census data; processing information; cartography
A Level/Ages 16 and above
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An updated and revised third edition of this popular and well established text, designed for the AS/A-level specifications.

This title covers:
1. Fieldwork projects
Part A: Collecting the information
2. Sampling
3. Geology, landforms and slopes
4. Hydrology
5. River channels
6. Coasts
7. Ecology and pollution
8. Local climate
9. Primary data sources in human geography
10. Secondary sources in human geography
11. Urban and rural studies
12. Using the Internet
Part B: Processing the information
13. Cartography
14. Statistical methods
15. Spatial analysis
Part C: Presenting the information
16. Presentation and layout
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