• Maths Frameworking - KS3 Maths Pupil Book 1.1 - 9780007537716
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Maths Frameworking - KS3 Maths Pupil Book 1.1

Kevin Evans, Gordon, Trevor Senior, Brian Speed and Chris Pearce
Maths; KS3 maths; maths questions; Key stage 3; KS3 mathematics; Maths problems; Maths resources; learning maths; problem solving; GCSE; GCSE maths; Differentiation; maths revision; maths help; Maths problem solving
Key Stage 3/Ages 11-14
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Ensure progress at the right pace with Pupil Book 1.1, the lower tier for the first year of teaching KS3. With fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving integrated throughout you can be confident you’re covering the main aims of the new curriculum and preparing students for revised GCSEs ahead.

• Bring awe and wonder with a chapter opener that puts the maths in context
• Access the right level of content with the progress indicators on the page
• Provide rigorous maths practice with hundreds of high quality questions
• Focus on literacy skills with key words per topic and a glossary at the back
• Achieve fluency through 100s of practice questions
• Develop mathematical reasoning with flagged practice questions and longer activities at the end of exercises
• Practise multistep and problem solving skills with flagged practice questions and longer activities at the end of exercises
• Measure progress with Ready to progress?’ learning outcomes at end of chapters
• Make connections across different areas of mathematics with synoptic extended questions at the end of each chapter that use maths from previous chapters
• Break up lessons and add variety and engagement with longer, colourful real-life tasks and contexts which could be: investigations, challenges, activities, problem solving, using financial skills, or mathematical reasoning
• Access answers in the accompanying Teacher Pack 1.1 ISBN 978-0-00-753781-5
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