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Collins Student Support Materials for Maths - A Level Maths: Core 3

John Berry and Sue Langham
AS Maths; Maths questions; Trigonometry practice; Maths practice; Maths revision; Maths A Level; core maths; AS Maths help; Maths help; Algebra practice; Edexcel Maths AS
A Level/Ages 16 and above
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Exam Board: Edexcel
Level & Subject: A-level Maths
First teaching: September 2008 First exams: June 2009

Endorsed by Edexcel

Collins Student Support Materials for Edexcel A2 Maths Core 3 covers all the content and skills your students will need for their Core 3 examination, including:

• Algebra and functions
• Trigonometry
• Exponentials and logarithms
• Differentiation
• Numerical methods
• Answers

Clear explanations and worked examples are accompanied by Essential notes and Exam tips. Find practice exam questions with fully worked answers, as well as guidance from examiners on securing top marks.
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