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Collins Practise with Puzzles - Book R: Phonics and Spelling

Julie Crimmins-Crocker
synthetic phonics; Key Stage 2 literacy; Folens Phonics and Spelling; phonics activities; literacy puzzles; spelling objectives; literacy differentiation; vocabulary building; literacy homework; spelling puzzles; Key Stage 1 literacy; Folens Practice with Puzzles; literacy activities; spelling patterns; phonics puzzles
Early Years/Ages 3-5
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Collins Practise with Puzzles: Phonics and Spelling R (previously by Folens) is intended for children age 4-5 in Foundation Stage/Reception. Linked to the Foundation Stage spelling objectives, the puzzles are a fun way for children to revise, consolidate and extend spelling and synthetic phonics work in literacy sessions.

• Supports literacy work with clear explanations of spelling rules and patterns

• Ideal as homework activities for all abilities

• A complete list of the phonic and spelling patterns covered

• Differentiation ideas for support and extension

• Can be used alongside any synthetic phonics programme
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