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Collins Advanced Mathematics - Statistics

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A Level/Ages 16 and above
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Ensure extensive knowledge and top marks in A Level Statistics for your students, with enhanced learning through interesting contexts and tools. Full guidance on coursework tasks and practice exercises for each topic compound understanding and expertise. Filled with A Level content and practice (not updated for 2004 curriculum onwards).

• Build confidence through hundreds of questions at the right level.
• Ensure students are fully prepared for their exams with extensive practice exercises, worked examples and full A-level examination questions.
• Make Statistics relevant and useful through new applications and modelling techniques from games of chance to weather forecasting.
• Promote understanding through consolidation exercises at the end of each topic.
• Educate your students in new technology, integrated within the course.
• Challenge and broaden your students’ minds with new interpretations of traditional topics in Statistics, from organic gardening to business problems.
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