• Collins Big Cat - The Frog Prince: Band 00/Lilac - 9780007412723
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Collins Big Cat - The Frog Prince: Band 00/Lilac

Chris Fisher, Prepared for publication by Collins Big Cat
Scheme; reading; Big Cat; Early Years; fairy tale; guided; guided reading; Primary; fiction; series; read; literacy; traditional
Band 00/Lilac
Early Years/Ages 3-5
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When the princess accidentally drops her ball in the pond she doesn’t expect a frog to bring it back to her, and certainly doesn’t expect the frog to follow her home! But is the frog really all he seems? This wordless version of the traditional tale is stunningly illustrated by author and illustrator Chris Fisher.

• Lilac/Band 0 books are wordless books that tell a story through pictures and are designed to develop understanding about how stories work.

• Text type: A wordless traditional story

• The storyboard on pp.14-15 shows the frog’s transformation into a prince, allowing children to re-cap and retell the story.

• Curriculum links: Citizenship: Living in a Diverse World
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