• Collins Big Cat Phonics - Sam and the Nut: Band 01B/Pink B - 9780007334995
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Collins Big Cat Phonics - Sam and the Nut: Band 01B/Pink B

Sheryl Webster and Giuditta Gaviraghi, Prepared for publication by Collins Big Cat
ideas forr reading; reception; fiction; English; early years; phonics; squirrel; big cat; Rose Review; reading; phonemes; pink phonics; literacy; phonic; focus phonemes
Band 01B/Pink B
Early Years/Ages 3-5
Phonic readers
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Sam the squirrel has seen a juicy looking nut at the top of a tree, but when he tries to knock it down, it falls to the ground and into the paws of a cat and a dog. Will he ever get his nut back? Beautiful illustrations by Giuditta Gaviraghi accompany this story.

• Pink/1B - A simple story with a familiar setting

• Text type: Fiction

• Focus phonemes: s, a, t, i, p, n, m, c, g, k, ck, d, e, o, u

• A story map on pages 14-15 helps children recap important events of the narrative and provides a wealth of speaking and listening opportunities
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