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Bright and Early Books - The Cat in the Hat Dictionary [Revised edition]

Dr. Seuss, Illustrated by Dr. Seuss
cat; hat; dictionary; early learning
Key Stage 1/Ages 5-7
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Packed with all the zany humour and bizarre characters that make Dr.Seuss so popular with young readers, this wacky dictionary will keep children laughing all the way from A to Z.

Containing over 1000 everyday words arranged in alphabetical order, The Cat in the Hat Dictionary takes a typically Seussian approach, with a host of crazy animals and potty people doing some of the strangest things from crocodiles nursing babies and goats playing horns to dogs eating noodles and bears playing marbles.

None the less, the book has a serious purpose in that it teaches young children aged three upwards fundamental dictionary skills, without them even realising it. While they laugh at the pictures and look at the words, they are also learning about word and picture association, alphabetical order, word searching, word usage and alliteration, not to mention learning to read. All that from one book!
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