• Presenting the Past (2) - Britain 1500–1750 - 9780007114610
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Presenting the Past (2) - Britain 1500–1750

Andrew Wrenn
Elizabeth; Tudors; Stuart; civil war; Cromwell; Jacobites; religion; Spanish Armada; Stuarts
Key Stage 3/Ages 11-14
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The second pupil book in a groundbreaking Key Stage 3 series designed to grab pupils’ attention with its fresh approach to traditional conten

Presenting the Past 2 includes:

• Elizabeth I and her problems

• Who were the Tudors?

• What should Elizabeth do first?

• A Spanish view of the Armada
Charles I and Oliver Cromwell

• The Execution of Charles I: film versus historian

• Was Oliver Cromwell a war criminal?
How close to success did the Jacobites come?

•Who fought at the Battle of Culloden?

•Who needs the Stuarts?
Images of an age

• What can we learn from portraits 1500-1750?

• Can we use modern films as historical evidence?
‘’…bursting with exciting tasks, thinking skills and historical games….A blast of fresh air for history teachers everywhere.’’
The Teacher
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