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Hilarious insights into the wonderful world of primary school education

Everyone has been to primary school and some of us are lucky enough to have made a glorious return as a member of staff. ‘Put A Wet Paper Towel on It’ is the debut book by the hilarious 2 Mr Ps, hosts of the UK’s number 1 educational comedy podcast, 2 Mr Ps in a Pod(cast). Brothers Lee and Adam Parkinson both work in primary schools, Lee more popularly known as ICT with Mr P is the UK’s most followed teacher online and an educational consultant and Adam is the UK’s funniest teaching assistant (unofficially) and both know that working in a primary school is the best job in the world… most of the time!

As anyone who has ever worked in education will tell you there is no greater remedy for any ailment than the humble wet paper towel:

Paper cut? Wet paper towel.

Grazed knee? Wet paper towel.

OFSTED inspection during a worldwide pandemic… erm slightly more complicated!

Whatever your role in school, this book will reassure you that you are not alone. We all know what teachers really mean when they say a child is a ‘lively character’; how the words ‘homemade cakes’ are enough to send shivers down any spine and why primary-school kids are the weirdest, funniest, most disgusting creatures in the world! While this book will not guarantee an outstanding lesson observation, it does guarantee a celebration and positive recognition of the amazing job that all school staff do with the opportunity to take a break from the little cherubs and enjoy a trip down memory lane and back to your own primary school days.

With Lee as the teacher and Adam as the teaching assistant, the classroom is covered, so sit back, relax and enjoy this light-hearted take on modern-day teaching, revealing exactly what it takes to wrangle a chaotic classroom (or seven) on a weekly basis. From the absolute characters found in the staff room to school trip mishaps, this book is a must-read for teachers and school staff everywhere!

The book is written as a tribute to the amazing job that teachers and school staff do on a daily basis and it discusses the good, the bad and the downright disgusting yet hilarious occurrences that happen from Monday to Friday. Inside the pages you will remind yourself of why you chose to work in a school in the first place (not to work from 9-3 as we all know it is more like 6am-8pm).

If you are considering a career in primary school education, or if you have recently qualified to work in a school, this book will provide you with some inside tips on survival and the best technique to find a lost jumper at the end of a day! It embraces the fact that you will be in a job where no two days are the same and the funniest things happen on a regular basis. Being entertained alongside inspiring the next generation, it really is a great career choice! Remember that school staff are human too – with the same thoughts, feelings and anguish as any other career just with tinier, more hilarious humans whose problems can mostly be solved by offering them a wet paper towel!


Put A Wet Paper Towel On It – The Weird and Wonderful World of Primary Schools is available in hardback, Ebook and Audiobook (read by the 2 Mr Ps) on 19th August 2021.