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Tips for supporting your child's learning at home

Many parents are rightly concerned about the impact of a period of self-isolation on their children's education. As a qualified teacher, I have many years teaching experience in secondary schools and I am a primary school governor along with being a parent to three children so I feel a little prepared for what lies ahead.

Parents will be feeling somewhat lost, but schools will be doing their bit in putting workpacks together and there are banks of resources available online to help you maintain your child's learning.

The first thing that is important to remember, is that there are so many learning opportunities in the home. You don't need to know everything or understand the curriculum to provide some really good learning outcomes for your child. I have put together some tips on how you can support learning at home primarily for primary school children who will need more direction. Older students should be able to access parts of their curriculum online and through subject specific textbooks.

Create a routine children respond well to structure and routine therefore it often helps to have a plan or timetable to work off. Use a white board to order the day, schedule in study time, rest time, and even food time. We will still be getting up and going to bed at similar times, as usual, to keep structure to our day

Following a topic approach for primary school children could work well. Your child will buy into this way of working if they can have a say in what they want to learn. My daughter loves world war 2 and we are going to start our home learning journey with this topic. I have chosen a book to read together - The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, we will also learn about the different countries involved which gives an opportunity to explore Geography. We can write our own war poetry for English.

Get Creative I'm looking forward to doing some creative things together. As a busy mum of three I often feel that I don't have enough time to do things with my kids, one benefit of this awful virus is that we have been given time with our children and we can try to embrace that. I am usually the last person to get the paint out but I am going to be saying yes more! We can research an artist and then have a go ourselves at recreating the style, think Warhol or even Banksy.

Baking and Cooking can be educational too. Younger children weighing out ingredients teaches them measurements. Chopping vegetables and fruits provides the opportunity to talk about where our food comes from. I plan on skilling up my teenagers by getting them cooking dinners from scratch which will teach them lifelong skills needed in the future.

Get Outside we might be social distancing but getting some fresh air will still be important both for physical and emotional health. It is chance to reconnect with the nature in our garden. Plant some herbs, some flowers and watch them grow. Learn about what plants need to grow and thrive in your garden. Remember there is no such thing as bad weather, just dress appropriately.

Use Tech we will be able to keep in touch thanks to our tech, let your children have some contact with their friends via Facetime as this remains important. There are also many brilliant apps that will support their learning including the Collins online times tables tool.

There are many home learning opportunities we just need to start seeing them and engaging with them during this tome of self-isolation and social distancing.

Written by Emma Bradley blogger www.emmaand3.com