Resources for parents

We’re here to support your teenager’s progress.

We’ve got a fantastic range of study guides to help your teenager get the marks they deserve in their National and Higher qualifications.

Student Books and Course Notes
  • Student Books and Course Notes provide full course coverage, giving your teenager plenty of thorough homework practice to get stuck into. Every book is packed with questions and clear ‘traffic light’ checklists so they can monitor their own progress throughout their N 4&5 or Higher course.
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Success Guides
  • Success Guides give your teenager easy topic by topic course revision with Quick Tests for knowledge and confidence building, helping them remember what they need to know. ‘Traffic light’ progress bars will give a clear picture of how they’re progressing. Success Guides are fantastic for prelim and final exam revision.
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Practice Papers
  • Practice Papers for SQA Exams are great for learning how final exam questions are structured and how best to answer them. There are skills to learn and these books of papers give plenty of practice and good advice. Fully worked answers show how to get every mark available!
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Grade Boosters
  • Grade Boosters provide detailed guidance on writing the best possible Higher exam responses to ensure maximum marks. Grade Boosters also show how to avoid common pitfalls and losing marks. If you need a C – they’ll help boost you there, and if you need your B boosted to an A, they’ll help get you there! In short: they do what they say on the tin!

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