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7+ revision books

The 7+ exam is used by a number of independent schools to assess candidates for entrance into Year 3. The exam is usually taken midway through Year 2. There is no standardised format of the 7+ exam; each school sets their own test. However, there are a number of common features.

Virtually all schools will assess Maths and English and many schools assess Reasoning as well.  Whilst the standard expected to gain entry can vary, candidates applying to the most competitive schools, mainly based in London, will need to be working at levels well above the national averages for their age.

The 7+ English exam usually includes a creative writing task. Letts 7+ Creative Writing, is specifically designed to help children prepare for this section of the assessment.

Children at this young age often struggle with creative writing and this book is structured to lead them through the process in a gentle step-by-step process. The aim is to help your child create frameworks and building blocks that will allow them to express their ideas confidently and creatively, within the specific context of a timed examination.

The book acts as a comprehensive guide, covering all aspects of the creative writing process. Firstly, students are taught how to plan their work and how to identify key information within the task instructions. They are then led through a series of skills and practice exercises to help build their confidence and improve their writing.  Grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting are all addressed, as well as plenty of tips and tricks on how to create engaging and interesting stories by using colourful descriptions and powerful vocabulary.

The book is beautifully designed and illustrated, ensuring the learning process is both fun and stimulating. 

The later sections of many school’s 7+ Maths exam, tend to focus on problem solving.  Letts 7+ Problem Solving is specifically designed to help children prepare for this section of the assessment.

Problem solving often involves working through multiple-steps to arrive at the answer. Such problems require children to be analytical and systematic, so that they can identify the key pieces of information that will help them answer the question.

Letts 7+ Problem Solving identifies the most common types of problems that appear in the 7+ exam and provides a framework to help children prepare for these types of questions. 

Each problem is presented with a clear, step-by-step solution so your child can see exactly how the problem is broken down and addressed. This is then followed by a series of practice questions for your child to try on their own.  Throughout the book, top tips and advice are provided to help your child work accurately and efficiently.

Solutions and explanations are provided for every question. As with Letts 7+ Creative Writing, the book is beautifully and colourfully designed.