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A-level Study Skills: Ideas for The New Term


One of the key areas that children will benefit from when they return in September is study skills. If your child is moving up to A-levels this year from GCSE, the transition can seem quite daunting as it is a big change. There is an expectation that children will take on more responsibility for their own learning and be proactive in the work they do around their chosen subjects outside of school. To help them get used to this change in mind set, attitude and learning approach, there are some great things you can do to get them focused. 

During the summer or at the start of term you could set some work. Ask your child to choose a business (or something related to their chosen subject) and ask them to carry out a research project associated with it. 


Can they find out?

The product portfolio of the business. Can your child now put this into a mind map using Boston matrix?

Their financial results over the past 3 years – focus on profit, turnover, stock levels. Can they transfer this to a table of results?

Write down any key terms from this research that you have learnt in business. Can they put these key terms onto flash cards with definitions? Research and identify their competitors. Can this be put into a sliding scale of the highest competition to the least?

Not only will your child start to build us some enthusiasm for their chosen subjects, they will also get used to the idea of learning independently. This will really help them to understand how they can be in control of their studies, as well as prepare the ground for future project work they may have coming up. They can have fun with it too!