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Discover essential exam preparations with M-C McInally and Eric Summers, experienced teachers and authors of the previous edition of Study Skills

Take a look at these great tips and advice from our authors, on preparing for and excelling in exams.

Getting ready for the exams

All the organisation, all the time management, all the focus on remembering and understanding, all the practice – all will count for nothing if you do not deliver on the day. Is that what you think? Then think again!

So, having put in all the preparatory work, let’s try to get it right on the day, just like the athlete in a World Championship final, or the footballer on his international debut, or the singer and the actor when they finally walk on stage.

So, here are some things to consider in the final run-up, in the last few days before the exams.

Final honing

Over the winter, athletes concentrate on stamina work, building up the strength required for the physical demands of running fast. As the season gets closer they do more speed work, sharpening themselves up, building on the reserves they have put in the tank over the previous months.

You should have been like such athletes. Over the winter you should have been doing the hard grind of reading, writing, problem-solving and experimenting in order to widen and deepen your knowledge and understanding of the subjects you are studying, so that the key information is now deep in your long- term memory ready to be retrieved as necessary.

Don’t practise what you know you know. Practise any last remaining parts of the course that you are still unsure of.