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Puzzle Quest The Magician’s Library

Congratulations! You have taken on the quest and cracked the code!

WELL DONE on completing the story. Okbo has created some extra bonus puzzles to celebrate.

Meet the characters from the story

Meet: Captain Redbeak

Captain Redbeak is a colourful scarlet macaw with a dream of sailing the seven seas! This parrot is a fierce but fair pirate captain who sails the seas of Squarrk and beyond aboard a huge ship along with a crew of 20 parrot pirates.

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Meet: The Monster

Known as ‘The Monster’, ‘The Slime Monster’ or ‘The Slimy Straggler’, there is a lot of mystery surrounding this green, slime-covered creature. Found in Spooky Town, no one knows the true name of this species with three eyes and long twisted horns.

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Meet: The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince guards the largest pond in all of Fantasy Fairytale Land. This royal frog wears purple robes, a golden crown, and a charming smile.

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Meet: The Mushroom Fairies

The Mushroom Fairies are small, magical flying creatures with mushroom names and mushroom-like heads that allow them to disguise themselves as mushrooms in the forest.

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