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Puzzle Quest Secret Island

Congratulations! You have taken on the quest and cracked the code!

WELL DONE on completing the story. The Dodos have created some extra bonus puzzles to celebrate.

Meet the characters from the story

Meet: The Tree Chums

Formerly known as the ‘Tree Terrors’, Tree Chums are a strange species of primate with tails like lemurs, spot patterns like jaguars and large eyes and ears similar to those of a bush baby.

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Meet: Luca the Leaf Sheep

Luca is a ‘Costasiella kuroshimae’ sea slug. Slugs of this species are also known as a ‘leaf ship’, ‘leaf slugs’ or a ‘salty ocean caterpillars.’

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Meet: The Conductor

Conductors are a previously undiscovered species of giant beetle, like a cross between a Goliath beetle, a Hercules beetle and Rhinoceros beetle… but over 10 times bigger!

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Meet: The Dodos

Dodos are a very large kind of ground-nesting bird. Most humans think they have been extinct for over 3000 years, but you know their secret…

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Don't forget to download your new keeper declaration for Secret Island here!

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