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Everyday Problem Solving & Reasoning

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Promote mastery for all by adding problem solving and reasoning into every maths lesson.

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  • Hours of ready-to-go problem solving questions for each content domain.
  • Clear teaching guidance and worked examples.
  • Problem solving target sheet to track how you are promoting mastery for all pupils.
  • Editable word files of the pupil activities are available on the accompanying CD-ROM and included as part of the online download.
Meet the series editor
  • Sarah-Anne Fernandes heads up her own consultancy company, SolveMaths Ltd, where she is highly effective at delivering mathematics consultancy support and training for schools to improve standards..
  • In addition to in-house school support, Sarah-Anne is an established mathematics author and series editor who has worked on a range of titles for leading education publishers.
  • Sarah-Anne has great belief that mathematics can be enjoyed and successfully learned by all!
  • Visit www.solvemaths.co.uk to contact Sarah-Anne on how she can support your school.