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Ensuring for variation when working towards mastery with greater depth

Caroline Clissold, August 2016
Our Maths mastery with greater depth titles aim to provide activities to give children, who have mastered the national curriculum requirements, opportunities to deepen their understanding. 
Each requirement from each content domain has at least two activities. These activities can be extended through variation. Variation is an approach to teaching which helps the children make connections and see the underlying structure of the mathematics they are learning about. 
All the challenges within the books are editable so you can vary the conditions, results and generalities. 
For example take this challenge from Year 2:
Once a child has successfully completed this challenge you could then extend it by:
  • varying the numbers e.g. the change to 5p ,15p, 20p, or varying the 80p cost more of the sandwich to 50p, 60p 70p and so on...
  • varying the unknowns e.g. how much money did Ben give the shopkeeper or how much change did he receive?
  • using the same structre and numbers but varying the context e.g. Ben could be buying comic books or baking cakes. You could even incorporate a topic or theme you're working on in other lessons.

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