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The 7 features of greater depth

Caroline Clissold, August 2016

The national curriculum has the expectation that ‘the majority of pupils will move through the programmes of study at broadly the same pace’. It also suggests that ‘pupils who grasp concepts rapidly should be challenged through being offered rich and sophisticated problems before any acceleration through new content’.
Children need to master the national curriculum requirements for their year group. If these are mastered quickly, the children should be given activities that will enable them to master these requirements at greater depth.
Working at greater depth means that children can:
  1. Apply their learning to different contexts, including other areas of the curriculum. 
  2. Work independently. 
  3. Apply their skills and knowledge consistently, confidently and fluently. 
  4. Organise their ideas to make connections with other areas of learning.
  5. Use their ideas to help them work with new areas of learning. 
  6. Clearly explain what they have been doing and why they know they are correct to others. 
  7. Teach others what they have learned to enable them to learn too.

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