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Phonics Roadshow Webinars

Phonics Roadshows

4 free webinars to complement the DfE funded Phonics Roadshows.

Delivered by phonics expert, Charlotte Raby from the Children’s Reading Company, each webinar focuses on specific areas of phonics teaching and includes time for additional questions and answers.

Watch previous webinars by using the links below.


Improving fluency and comprehension
  • How do you accurately assess fluency?
  • How long should you practise blending for – do you need to do it every lesson and what are the best methods to use?
  • How many words should you practise with children and how do you choose which words?

Watch here.

Keep-up, not catch-up: how do successful schools manage intervention?
  • How do I set up a process in my school for intervention?
  • How do I spot a child who needs instant intervention?
  • How early can you start intervention in Reception?
  • How long should it take and which activities should we do to support children who are struggling?

Watch here.

Beyond barking at the text: developing lifelong readers
  • How do I match a book to a child’s ability?
  • At what stage do you start and stop using decodable readers?
  • What is the purpose of wordless phonics books?
  • Some children seem unengaged by decodable books – what should I do?
  • How do we encourage reading for pleasure alongside our phonic teaching?

Watch here.

Closing the word gap through phonics teaching
  • How can I teach rich language while teaching phonics?
  • What do successful schools do to create a reading for pleasure culture?
  • How do you know a child is reading for pleasure? What are the signs?
  • What vocabulary activities could you do to help increase a child’s language level?
  • Does it matter if a child prefers to read magazines rather than books?

Watch here.