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Economics for CAPE®

A comprehensible textbook for students studying for the Caribbean Examination Council’s Advanced Proficiency Examination in Economics.

About Economics for CAPE®
  • Economics for CAPE® covers all aspects of the current syllabus in Economics and features examples and contexts with specific relevance to the Caribbean.

    This book has been carefully written, with an easy and accessible style, to make difficult Economics concepts accessible to all students. Based on the author’s awareness – from extensive teaching experience – of where students struggle and how to help them.
  • Clear concise text describing key economic concepts in straightforward English.
  • Diagrams, bulleted lists and tables to summarise information.
  • Diagrams, bulleted lists and tables to summarise information.
  • Examples of common student errors and misconceptions.
  • Helpful hints and step by step guidelines wherever possible.
  • Section summaries and end of unit summaries to aid revision.
  • Practice questions at the end of each unit, to enable students to assess their progress.

Economics for CAPE®

Author: Dave Ramslingh

ISBN: 978-0-00-811589-0

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