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Week 6: Settling into a routine

Week 6: Settling into a routine

This article has been written by parent blogger Emma Bradley.

Well Monday morning has come around again and we are really into the swing of home learning now. I have always gone for a structured approach as I understand that children do best when in a routine and know what to expect. Managing working from home and home learning took some getting used to but we are all doing just fine now.

One thing I wanted to mention was to really think about whether your expectations match what you are modelling. I have had messages from a few parents who are struggling with home learning and it seems the main issue is that their children just don’t engage with the work set. Often in these cases the parents have said ‘when I came back, they hadn’t done anything’. I spend the majority of our learning day sitting at the dining table with Erin to be on hand to answer questions and to keep her motivated. I can’t expect her to be doing school work on her own so I work when she is.

I have also created a weekly planner which lists her everyday learning tasks including spellings, reading, times table practice and the short Bitesize lessons. She knows to make a start on these at 9.30 each morning and she ticks them off as she completes them, this gives her the choice of which order to do them in. The discussion isn’t about whether she wants to do them, it’s a choice about which one she does first!

We have enjoyed the new Bitesize lessons, I like that they are organised easily by year group and that there are worksheets to go with the theme, on Monday Erin mastered negative numbers and used the worksheet created by Collins to go with the video tutorials to put into practise what she had learnt. Top tip, if your child is a greater depth learner or requires more support and is working towards, check out the year group below and above to see if it suits their individual needs better.

We also have more work from school now so spend the rest of the morning on set work. This week she wrote a newspaper report on an inspiring person, Erin loves to read about inspirational people, so she enjoyed this task and did some research first. She decided to write about Anne Frank from her father’s perspective and whilst a trip to Amsterdam to see the house is sadly not possible, we did have a virtual tour using You Tube.  Then to help her improve her vocabulary, I challenged her to play synonym spiders. In this I write a word in a circle (spiders’ body) and Erin must think of 8 (legs) synonyms – she can use the thesaurus to help.  Her finished report was presented like a newspaper with headings and written in columns.

I let Erin stay up late this week to witness what was going on in the night sky, like many she enjoyed spotting the shooting stars. Now is a great time to watch the sky because the odd late night doesn’t matter! Many kids absolutely love learning about space and stars, if your child enjoyed the same this week, have a look at the Collins Guide to the Night Sky 2020 book.

Erin is still doing lots of colouring and this week she was challenged to do an animal picture using dots, this is called Pointillism. She chose to do an owl as we are still reading Skellig and they feature heavily in the book.

It has been a busy week and we didn’t complete everything I thought we would, but that is fine as there is always next week! I have taken great satisfaction though in watching her achieve difficult concepts. It is really rewarding to see her improve educationally and something I will remember for a long while after lockdown finishes.


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About Emma

Emma Bradley, a qualified secondary teacher and current primary school governor with many years experience of working in different childcare and education settings. She has three children, the eldest is Chloe a second year university student, a son Dylan who is 16 and just found out his GCSEs are not going ahead and Erin who is 10 and still at primary school.