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How to teach our children to be kind


This article has been written by parenting blogger and co-author of Create Your Own Happy and Be Happy Be You Becky Goddard-Hill. Her most recent book, Create Your Own Calm published earlier this year and Create Your Own Kindness will be available early in 2021.

The one things that we learned from the first lockdown is that there really is nothing more valuable or appreciated than kindness. 

It was show in the hopscotches drawn on the streets by kids to entertain passers-by. 

It was shown in the community groups that formed to shop for and support the more vulnerable people in the neighbourhood. 

It was show in the businesses that opened early for people who needed to be especially careful and in those who worked hard to raise funds for the NHS. 

In tricky times kindness shone out and made us all feel safer and more connected. 

What a lesson for our children. 

We are back in lockdown now and we know many children are feeling anxious, afraid and sad about being cut off from family and friends again and having their favourite activities stopped. 

In difficult times like these, it is time to UP the kindness. 

We need to teach our kids firstly and most importantly to be kind to themselves. 

Then we need to encourage them to be considerate of each other and of course be kind to the world. 

And how do they do this? 

The need to look after their mental and physical health, take time to relax and do things to make themselves happier. 

They need to be taught to be thoughtful towards their siblings, helping within the family and supportive of their friends. 

And the world also needs their kindness - the animals, the plants, the people and the planet. 

If this sounds too much to ask our kids in tricky times we need to think again: Being kind is its own reward and the kindest people are almost always the happiest. 

It is scientifically proven that being kinder reduces stress and improves physical and emotional wellbeing, that it makes relationship better and makes us all feel more joyful and care free. 

Teaching our children to be kind is to give them an awesome emotional health tool. Truly is there anything more important to teach them? 

Create Your Own Kindness is a fun and beautifully illustrated activity book for 6-12-year-old kids teaching them to be kind to themselves, to other people and to the world. It is jam packed with 50 kindness based activities to try out all backed by scientific research which explains how they work. It will keep your kids entertained and happily creative for hours.

It is a wonderful gift to give a child and one that will impact all their relationships - most importantly their relationship with themselves. 

Teaching our kids to create their own kindness is a skill for life and one that will help them become robust and resilient in tricky times (whether that be lockdown or the impending teen years!)