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How to prepare for the SATs at home

Primary school SATs can be controversial subject but no matte what you think of them your year 2 and year 6 children will be sitting them for the foreseeable future. 

SATs are meant to show the progress your child has made at school. They are a record of your child's attainment that can be passed on to their secondary school. SATs are also an indicator of how ell your child's school is doing. The school's KS2 results are published nationally in league tables and can really impact a school's profile. 

At KS1 children barley know they are taking their SATs but at KS2 they are often very aware and preparation for them at school will be a lot more obvious. Many children will care that they do well in these tests and will do want to do their best. 

As parents our role is to support them in the process, so they enter their assessments feeling confident, capable and relaxed. 

Helping them know what they need to do 

Helping your child prepare for SATs can be a useful way to see where there may be gaps in their learning and understanding. Once spotted these gaps can be addressed. Investing in a few practice workbooks is well worthwhile. Working through these will help your child recall what they have learned throughout their school year and affirm their understanding. Just 10 minutes every now and again can make such a difference. 

Preparing them for formal assessment 

Exams are always a bit scary for your child this will be their first experience. 

Some children might like to have a go at practice test papers and if so, it is a good idea to let them. This will reassure your child about what is to come and take away a lot of their nerves. Once they have done a few test papers you could encourage them to have a go timed and in silence so they won't struggle with this on the day. 

Preparation and practice can help a child relax and reduce their anxiety. 

No pressure 

It is the school's job to prepare the children for their SATs, not primarily yours, so there does not need to be pressure from home. If your child does not want to have any additional support with their SATs it may be wise to back off. They are, after all, just primary school tests and you don't want to stress your child out about them. 

It is important to emphasis they are nothing to worry about and you think your child is just brilliant no matter how their tests go. 

Opportunities to learn, revise and practice can be offered and encouraged. It is important though that life should go on as normal with the usual sports, playdates and relax time. The more positive, calm and relaxed you are the more positive, clam and relaxed your child's attitude will be and the more likely they are to achieve their potential.