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3 tips for taking GREAT Summer Holiday Photos

By Lillian Spibey, author of YOU CAN take amazing photos

Taking photographs on holiday are a great way to record all the amazing things that happen on the trip. We’ve put together 3 of our favourite photography top tips for taking awesome holiday photos below. Check them out and try them on your next holiday!


Tip 1 – Sunsets!

Photos taken by Edward (left) and Oliver (right)

Capturing the sunset is a cool way to show off your photographic skills and to remember the beautiful surroundings. Try taking photos when the sun is setting and the sky begins to change colours. As the sun goes down in the sky, the sky’s colours will change as will the strength & colour of the sunlight.  In your photos try placing the horizon high in the frame for several photographs, and then try placing the horizon low in the frame for other photos. You’ll see how the layout of the image changes, making more room for the ground or the sky.  Try not to place the horizon in the middle of the photograph.


Tip 2 – Colour!

 Photos taken by Isabella (left) and Charlotte (right) 

 Look for the colours that are around whilst on holiday and capture them through your camera lens! You could go for a colour hunt or just photograph your favourite colour. Flowers, grass, sand buckets, street signs, fruit markets and even sundresses make for great colourful photos. Try making the colours the subjects of the image, and take photographs of colourful items that you wouldn’t normally photograph.  This is a fun way to capture the colourful details of your holiday and to create colourful memories.


Tip 3- Fun!

Photos taken by Zoe (top), Caitlin (middle) and Millie (bottom)

Capture you and your family having fun! You can use the self-timer on your camera or phone to take a fantastic group photograph, which includes you! The self-timer icon looks like a clock with a line through it, and is found on cameras and mobile phones. Capturing everyone together is a good way to remember the holiday full of smiles and fun. You might even try for an action shot or two. Photographs of family members splashing around in the water at the beach, or perhaps doing a big jump into a pool or lake are always fun for both the jumper and photographer! If you are on a biking or walking holiday, try capturing your family in action, walking or biking past the camera. Try using the action or sports setting on your camera to capture the movement sharply. If you are using your mobile phone, try holding down the shutter button to take lots of photos as the movement unfolds. Both options will allow you to take lots of action shots, and you’ll have to then pick the best photograph!

We hope your next set of holiday photos are full of sunsets, colour and fun! Remember you too can take great photos!


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