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Primary Blog

From homework to reading and spellings to SATs, we have books and advice to guide you through every year of your child’s primary school journey.

Great start to starting school

Your child starting school is a big deal. It's exciting and a little scary too for everyone involved. So, what can we do to help your kids get off to a great start?

5 ways to help kids cope with feeling overwhelmed at home

Tips on the things you can do help your kids maintain a positive attitude from the co-author of Create your Own Happy and Be Happy Be You, Becky Goddard-Hill.

Things to do in the Easter Holidays that will still make it special

Becky Goddard-Hill co-author of Be Happy Be You has lots of ideas on how to still make this a holiday full of fun

Getting to know comprehension

Help your children practise their comprehension skills at home with helpful advice from primary educator and author Rachel Clarke. 

How to encourage journaling for mindfulness

Tips on how to encourage mindfulness and emotional well-being from the co-author of Create Your Own Happy and Be Happy Be You Becky Goddard-Hill.

Five tips to help kids learn a language

Keep your child's language learning on track with these helpful tips from best-selling author and language expert Paul Noble.

Books for budding inventors

Check out our top reading suggestions to help inspire the inventors of the future.

What to do about bullying at school

Bullying at school is really common. Young Minds says it affects over 1 million young people a year.

Improve English and Maths skills at home

Primary schools have changed a lot over recent years and expectations for young children are high. English and Maths are top of the agenda and our children have a whole lot to learn…

What to do if your child is feeling anxious about going back to school

If your child is anxious about going back to school there is a lot you can do to support them both practically and emotionally.

5 handy tips for preparing SATs at home

Tom is a proud father of three as well as a parent blogger at Diary of the Dad. Here are Tom's top tips for helping your kids prepare for SATs.

What are Common Exception Words

Common exception words are everyday words that break the phonic rules taught at school.

Making Sense of Book Bands

Book Banding is a popular way of organising children’s reading books.

What is the Phonics Screening Check?

The Phonics Screening Check is a test for children in Year 1. Children take it during June in a one-to-one setting with a teacher.

What is place value?

Discover how children are learning place value in school, and different ways to practise at home.

Homework help at primary school

Many primary schools now give homework on a regular basis. Our job as parents is to make this as easy as possible for our children.

Preparing your child for the new Multiplication Tables Check

Times tables will be formally assessed in primary schools for the first time since 1944.

Have fun with phonics

Using phonics is an essential ingredient in learning to read. This begins at an early age and continues right throughout primary.

Prepare for SATs at home

SATs are meant to show the progress your child has made at school. They are a record of your child's attainment that can be passed on to their secondary school.

Transition to secondary school

Parenting a child in the transition from primary school to secondary school can be a challenging time for families...

Summer holiday activities

There really are a whole host of things to do to keep them learning, growing, busy and happy through the summer.Here are a few ideas…

Helpful school holiday dates for your diary

2019 dates coming soon.

Back To School Preparations Checklist & Tips

No matter what age your child is getting them ready for going back to school takes some thought and preparation. Here are a few handy hints to help this run smoothly.

Brush up on spelling

Our role is to encourage our children to be spelling test ready by finding fun ways for them to practice at home – here are some ideas.