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Hilarious insights into the wonderful world of primary schools EVERY parent needs to read!

Everyone has been to primary school, you may have your own children currently at primary school, have children who have finished primary school or who are even just about to start – whatever stage you’re at in the parenting game, this book is for you! ‘Put A Wet Paper Towel on It’ is the debut book by the hilarious 2 Mr Ps, hosts of the UK’s number 1 educational comedy podcast, 2 Mr Ps in a Pod(cast). Brothers Lee and Adam Parkinson will take you on a behind the scenes tour of what life is really like in a primary school classroom without as much of a mention of reading, writing or maths. Instead you will learn what teachers really mean when they say a child is a ‘lively character’ (as a parent I’m sure you will already have a very good idea!); why parents should always check the ‘Show and Tell’ items before they reach the classroom; how the words ‘homemade cakes’ are enough to send shivers down any teacher’s spine and why primary-school kids are the weirdest, funniest, most disgusting creatures in the world!  

This light-hearted look into the classroom will take you back to your own school days and give you the opportunity to reminisce about the things that haven’t changed and allow an insight into what has. Money doesn’t grow on trees (like conkers do) and as a parent you will know more than anyone how quickly crazes come and go! Remind yourself of the crazes of yesteryear compared to the crazes that have been dominating homes and classrooms in more recent times. Whatever current craze grinds your gears at home… multiply it by 30 and you will understand why every single craze is banned from the classroom!  

The 2 Mr Ps both work in primary schools, Lee as a teacher and Adam as a teaching assistant, so they have all bases covered from assemblies to school trips and everything in between! Did you ever wonder what went on behind the staffroom door when you were at school? This mystery will be solved and you will wonder no more. If you need a little brain break from being a parent, enjoy a trip down memory lane – school dinners, playground games, school performances and sports days!  

The authors of this book are both parents with children currently in primary schools. With Lee’s 10-year-old triplets (yes triplets!) and Adam’s 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son, they know all about the day-to-day chaos of parenting and want this book to give you the opportunity to celebrate what a fantastic place primary school is in a realistic and humorous way. The book also reminds parents that school staff are human too – with the same thoughts, feelings and anguish as any other career just with tinier, more hilarious humans whose problems can mostly be solved by offering them a wet paper towel! Honestly - if you know a primary age child – try it!  


Put A Wet Paper Towel On It – The Weird and Wonderful World of Primary Schools is available in hardback, Ebook and Audiobook (read by the 2 Mr Ps) on 19th August 2021.