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Emma's weekly blog - Week 11: Focusing on life skills

Like many we took our feet off the pedal for half term week and relaxed a little more on the home school front.

Emma's weekly blog - Week 10: Getting outside

Take learning outside and discover the ways Emma and her daughter are continuing to practise key skills

Emma's weekly blog - Week 9: Getting creative

Emma explores the benefits of crafting and the learning opportunities it can provide

Emma's weekly blog - Week 8: Looking ahead

Now is a good time to evaluate what you have been doing for the past seven weeks and look forward to how you can manage the rest of the academic year

Emma's weekly blog - Week 7: Taking a practical approach

As we all settle into a home schooling rhythm, Emma suggests ways to vary your child's learning styles with more practical activities

Emma's weekly blog - Week 6: Settling into a routine

This week Emma outlines her and her daughter's routine and the resources keeping them organised

Emma's weekly blog - Week 5: Keeping Busy

Emma gives tips on how she's been keeping her children occupied and encouraging child-led learning

Emma's weekly blog - Week 4: Little and Often

It may technically be the Easter holidays, but Emma still has lots of ideas on how to help children continue learning at home

Emma's weekly blog - Week 3: Keeping emotional health in mind

Emma is back with the third installment of her weekly blog this time offering advice on how to help children take care of their emotional health

Emma's weekly blog - Week 2: The New Normal

Parent blogger Emma talks about establishing a routine that works for you and your family as we adapt to the new normal

Emma's weekly blog - Week 1: Introducing your weekly learn at home blog

In this new weekly series, parent blogger Emma Bradley is keeping a diary of the activities she is doing wit her daughter to provide you with ideas to keep your children occupied