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50 Random Acts of Kindness for kids during lockdown

This list was compiled by parent blogger and author Becky Goddard-Hill.

1.Give someone an unexpected compliment. 

2. Make a thank you not for your parents / carers.

3. Make a book mark for your aunty / uncle and pop it in the post.

4. Help make dinner.

5. Gift your weekly pocket money to a charity.

6. Make a parcel for a homeless person. 

7. Sort out your old toys for a charity shop.

8. Feed the ducks (seeds not bread). 

9. Tidy your room without being asked. 

10. Give someone (you know) a big hug. 

11. Offer to read to someone. 

12. Bake a cake for your family. 

13. Play a game you know your sibling loves.

14. Ask someone how their day was and really LISTEN to the answer. 

15. Smile at a passer-by. 

16. Tell someone why you like them. 

17. Plant something. 

18. Have a no complain day. 

19. Call a friend and ask them how they are. 

20. Do a chore without being asked. 

21. Chalk a message saying hello gorgeous on the pavement.

22. Put out some water for the birds. 

23. Make a beautiful posy of paper flowers & tie it to your fence. 

24. Colour in and send a hello postcard to a pal. 

25. Sign up to post pals and write to a poorly child. 

26. Write inspiring words on stones (like calm, breathe and peace) and leave them around your neighbourhood. 

27. Give your pet a big cuddle. 

28. Make a be kind poster and display it in your window. 

29. Leave a thank you note above your post box. 

30. Do something kind for yourself.

31. Make a playlist for your parents of all their favourite songs. 

32. Do a litter pick. 

33. Make wildflower seed bombs. 

34. Email your sports coach and tell them what they mean to you.

35. Wash your family car.

36. Do a sponsored skip/walk/silence and raise money for charity. 

37. Write to your MP about something that could be better in your area. 

38. Leave a little heart made on pebbles on your path. 

39. Make a simple bird feeder. 

40. Learn a dance with your siblings and perform it for your grandparents on zoom. 

41. Show an interest in a family member's hobby. 

42. Make everyone's bed for them. 

43. Draw a picture for someone your miss. 

44. Make a heart out of leaves or flowers and leave in the park. 

45. Start a dinner time conversation telling everyone your favourite things about them. 

46. Send a thank you message to your teacher.

47. Help empty the dishwasher. 

48. Find a positive quote and make it into a lovely sign to put on your fridge. 

49. Start a food box collection for a food bank. 

50. Leave a thank you not stuck to your dustbin.


To download the pdf click here.


Becky Goddard-Hill is the co-author of Create Your Own Happy, Be Happy Be You and author of Create Your Own Calm and Create Your Own Kindness.

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