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Puzzle Quest The Time Traveller

Congratulations! You have taken on the quest and cracked the code!

WELL DONE on completing the story. Robosaurolophus has created some extra bonus puzzles to celebrate.

Meet the characters from the story

Meet: The Trifeathertops

A previously undiscovered dinosaur species that was quite similar in looks to the Triceratops except they had three long, colourful feathers on their head instead of three horns.

Download the full fact fille

Meet: Miki the Mammoth

Miki is a humongous, extra-wolly mammoth with the biggest tusks you've ever seen!

Download Miki's full fact file

Meet: Beep the Bot

Beep is a friendly little robot designed to help welcome people to guide them around.

Download Beep's full fact file

Meet: The Robosaurolophus

Introducing the Robosaurolophus, a hit-tech, robotic clone of the Parasaurolophus dinosaur.

Download the full fact file

Don't forget to download your certificate showing you are the inventor of the time machine here!

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