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Puzzle Quest Mythical Mystery

Congratulations! You have taken on the quest and cracked the code!

WELL DONE on completing the story. The Dust Sprite has created some extra bonus puzzles to celebrate.

Meet the characters from the story

Meet: Nixie the Phoenix

A glorious phoenix hatched from a golden egg, who grows when in the heat of fire and flames.

Download Nixie's full fact file

Meet: The Dust Sprite

A small sprite with long fluffy fur and twisted horns. Dust Sprites have a big appetite for eating dust they love it!

Download the full fact file

Meet: Aker the Sphinx

A majestic Sphinx with a lion's body and mane, a cat's face and an eagle's mane.

Download Aker's full fact file

Meet: The Cloud Dragon

A huge, cloudy blue dragon who controls the weather.

Download the full fact file

Don't forget to download your new pet Cloud Dragon adoption certificate here!

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