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Puzzle Quest Enchanted Lands

Congratulations! You have taken on the quest and cracked the code!

WELL DONE on completing the story. The Tree Trolls have created some extra bonus puzzles to celebrate.

Meet the characters from the story

Meet: The Fern Folk

Introducing the Fern Folk, a species of small mischievous fairy beings that can easily be identified from the long fern leaves growing from their heads.

Download their full fact file now

Meet: The Tree Trolls

A species of tall, friendly trolls with bark-covered skin.

Download their full fact file now

Meet: The Giant and Piggy!

Giant's real name is Gygra and she is part ogre and part giantess and Piggy is her adventurous little best friend.

Download their full fact file now

Meet: The Witch Twins

Hubbard is happy, smiley, and loud and Buttercup is shy and quiet, but very funny once you get to know her.

Download their fact file

Don't forget to download your letter of enrolment at the Magic Academy for Enchanted Lands here!

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