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Busy Ant Maths 2nd Edition

The second edition of Busy Ant is coming soon! Publishing throughout autumn term, with new pupil textbooks, updated components including teacher guides and a whole new set of resources for Foundation Stage.

Written by an expert author team with over 50 years’ combined classroom experience, Busy Ant Maths is a flexible, whole-school mathematics programme that assists teachers in teaching for mastery and ensures conceptual understanding and mathematical fluency from the start.

Busy Ant Maths, Second Edition

We have updated parts of Busy Ant Maths, and added some new resources – but you can continue using the existing resources alongside the new edition – read on to discover what is new and updated.

Busy Ant Maths, Second Edition will
· Provide clear progression from year 1 to year 6
· Summarise the most important knowledge and understanding
· Make connections between core concepts across year groups
· Address the areas in the curriculum identified as a priority: Number and place value, Addition and subtraction, Multiplication and division (including number facts), Fractions, Geometry