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The best books for every age at every stage.

It's time to polish those shoes, book those haircuts and stock up on books, before heading back through the school gates.

Explore our book lists below. Organised by school year, you will quickly find exactly which books your child will need.


As soon as your child starts school, there is schoolwork to do at home. In Reception you'll be introduced to reading levels and how phonics works.


Year 1 (Age 5-6)

In Year 1 your involvement in homework is important as you practise Common Exception Words together and work out what maths methods to use.


Year 2 (Age 6-7)

With SATs at the end of the year, there is some useful practice that your child can do at home to familiarise them with the papers.


Year 3 (Age 7-8)

Children start to become more independent learners at Key Stage 2. Making sure they have access to suitable books can help to improve the quality of their schoolwork.


Year 4 (Age 8-9)

In Year 4 children will be preparing for the Multiplication Check which takes places in the summer term.


Year 5 (Age 9-10)

Many schools will start to get children ready for their SATs with extra practice in grammar, spelling, reading, arithmetic, and reasoning.


Year 6 (Age 10-11)

Knowing what to expect can help you and your child feel more relaxed during SATs week. Practice papers are a great way for children to get used to the style of questions.


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