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Back to School recommended books by Secondary school year

Find the books you need to support your child from their very first day at Secondary school to the day they leave.

Year 7 (Age 11- 12)

Starting secondary school can be daunting, exciting, and potentially overwhelming. Kitting them out with a dictionary and the schoolbooks they need is also a great way to start.


Year 8 (Age 12 -13)

As your child moves into Year 8, they will be familiar with their KS3 subjects.


Year 9 (Age 13 -14)

In Year 9, children are well on their way towards GCSE years. This is a good time to recap what they have learnt at KS3 using revision and practice books.


Year 10 (Age 14-15)

Most schools will start to prepare children for the GCSE exams at the start of Year 10. Revising and recapping from the get-go will help children later.


Year 11 (Age 15 -16)

As revision season approaches, having access to practise papers to use alongside revision books will really help your child feel prepared for the exams.


Years 12 & 13

Help teens make the transition from GCSE to A level with a range of books to support their studies.


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