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11+ Advice for Parents

Whether your child is preparing for the CEM or GL Assessment 11+ exams, Collins 11+ provides familiarisation and realistic practice ahead of the tests to build confidence and ensure success.

What are the main differences between the two 11+ exam boards GL and CEM?

There are important variations between the two 11+ exam boards and the style of the exam papers they produce.

Why is developing your child’s maths word problem skills a key part of the 11+ tests?

The maths topics in 11+ tests are often slightly more advanced than those on the national curriculum within your child’s class.

What are Cloze tests?

Cloze tests are commonly used in CEM 11+ tests and require an ability to understand words in context.

How can I best support my child for mathematics in the 11+ exams?

A set of comprehensive tips to develop your child’s overall mathematical ability

How to gain a strong knowledge of 11+ spelling, punctuation and grammar questions

Advice from qualified Primary School Teacher Chris Pearse

How can I boost my child’s English comprehension skills?

Tips on how children can improve their English comprehension skills

What is non-verbal reasoning?

Strategies, techniques and fun games to help improve your child's non-verbal reasoning ability

How can you boost your child’s confidence with verbal reasoning?

An insight into 11+ verbal reasoning and advice on how to boost your child’s confidence in this key topic area

Will students taking the delayed 11+ exams be test-ready?

This article attempts to outline the impact upon some children of a delayed 11+ exam and how best to get 'test-ready'

11+ Essentials

You can build your child’s confidence by using puzzles and different oral and verbal activities to provide valuable skills away from written testing

11+ map

See which 11+ exam types are commonly used in which region


A Parent and Carer's Guide to the 11+

Everything you need to know