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Founded in 1819, Collins Language is the longest-established dictionary publisher in the UK with a reputation for a pioneering and innovative approach, and an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.  At the heart of the Collins business is our 4.5-billion-word corpus of the English language, the first to be created in the 1980s and now the biggest of its kind in the world. The Collins corpus forms the core of our dictionary business: it keeps track of new words, language trends and usage by constantly monitoring newspapers, online articles, everyday speech, reports and presentations. Collins corpus is driven by a range of international sources ensuring that our content represents real-time, global English.
At Collins, we pride ourselves on keeping our language databases comprehensive and up-to-date. Publishing in over 35 languages, Collins is the pioneering and innovative publisher for your language content needs.
What can Collins Content Solutions and Services offer you?
In a digital age, territorial boundaries no longer exist and communicating effectively with as wide an international audience as possible is fundamental to the success of any business.  The business of dictionary and language reference has changed considerably over the last ten years and Collins has been at the heart of this.
Understanding and reacting to new opportunities, diversification and new product development is a business Collins knows well. We have made the content that you would expect to find between the pages of a print dictionary relevant for the digital world and available at the point of need.
We have applied our experience, expertise and capabilities to develop our own digital processes to enable our content to be output in the form of websites, ebooks and applications. We have licensed our content to partners spanning a global range of businesses who need customized language solutions to underpin their products across multiple platforms.
We have delivered bespoke printed dictionaries for partners in established and emerging markets, worked with mobile phone developers and distributors to create and sell cutting-edge applications and supplied customized content to leading reference, corporate and travel websites.
We have learnt that that sometimes we need to change our conversation, but that words and language have remained the essence of our business.
Collins Content Services and Solutions
Count on Collins to give you access to resources, experts, economies of scale and flexibility that you may not currently have at your fingertips. We can help you better meet your customers’ needs without compromising your editorial control.
Access to Resources, Experts, Economies of Scale and Flexibility
Linguistic research
You can call on the most comprehensive Corpus in the world today. With Collins, you can identify new words and trends to ensure that together we develop the most relevant and up-to-date language products for your market.
Content development
Together we can publish projects across multi-media platforms ranging from language learning courses in video form, to new words or specialised vocabulary sets – all developed with your target customer in mind.
Editorial services
From inception to publication, Collins can create and manage your data work-flow and production processes to deliver the most up to date, market-relevant product cost-effectively.
Digital and technical solutions
Collins can convert, integrate and produce your product however you need to serve it to your customer, whether that be in application, cloud, ebook or online look-up format, to ensure you benefit from platform and digital product development capabilities.
Collins business development team can take your content to new markets, providing revenue growth via an enhanced customer base.