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Haralambos and Holborn - Sociology Themes and Perspectives

Michael Haralambos and Martin Holborn

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Level: A-level, undergraduate
Subject: Sociology

Themes and Perspectives is your essential A-level and undergraduate sociology guide. It’s fully updated to match the latest sociology teaching, research and developments to support your learning about sociology today.

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"Excellent, got me to university and through it … It was an easy read, explained the concepts in very simple terms and illustrated debate with clarity, whilst remaining a readable reference book … it was so good that I loaned my copy out and it was never returned…"Review by an Access student on Amazon.co.uk
"This book has been of great help to me during my first year at Greenwich University where I am studying a B.A. in Childhood Studies, especially the chapters on the family and education. I will be buying the new edition of this soon. It is definitely worth the money."Review by an undergraduate student on Amazon.co.uk
"Continuing in the tradition of the 'blue bible', this book is so excellent simply because it is so comprehensive. An excellent all-round summary of sociology."Review by Mark Kirby, AS/A-level teacher and author, on Amazon.co.uk